New Look, More Content

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Salus Global is pleased to announce the release of the new and updated and public websites. 

The launch reflects a more modern, user-friendly design along with new content showcasing the company’s Labor and Delivery (OB) Team-focused Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Programs.

“MOREOB and AMPROOB are our flagship Programs but in the past couple of years they have been updated and modernized (2.0’d) to reflect the needs and wants of our clients.  Our tools and resources need to reflect that”, noted Salus Global President and CEO, Malcolm Eade. “As demand for support in Culture change and Quality Improvement have surged beyond OB, we will also be introducing new materials to support MOREEX and AMPROEX, Programs designed to support teams in any acute care department”… he added, “We teach, coach and support Quality Improvement – we work hard to pause to look in the mirror too”.

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