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Our hands-on approach

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Whether small, medium sized or large hospital units, labor and delivery, emergency or other units, Salus Global engages all touch points to drive interprofessional teams to work better together.
An essential element of success is our hands-on, partnership approach to the implementation of our programs. A Salus Global Program Coach works with your team to assess its specific needs, build tailored solutions, remove obstacles and monitor success. Our process is evidence-based, goal focused and flexible to your needs.

Relational Coordination

Our team of qualified healthcare professionals has extensive training in the dynamics of interdependent teams through the leading-edge field of Relational Coordination. In fact, we have the only team of certified Relational Coordination professionals in Canada.
Relational Coordination measures the quality of relationships and communication involved in the coordination of work and seeks to drive quality, efficiency, satisfaction, and engagement. Relational Coordination has seven dimensions: frequent communication; timely communication; accurate communication; problem-solving communication; shared goals; shared knowledge; and mutual respect.
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